Experience The Bubble Bath Shop's exceptional items, such as Soap and our Signature foaming sugar scrubs. Delight in a bath enhanced with a special cup of tea from Tea Forte and indulge in one of our Belgian chocolate bars. Find the ideal gift for a special person.

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Our Signature Foaming Sugar or Salt Scrubs.

Foaming Sugar Bath Whips

Our signature- winning foaming sugar scrubs are Ultra Hydrating and exfoliating, and are made with... 

Experience one of our signature coffee srubs.

Discover our collection of products that support suicide awareness. Join us in promoting mental health and spreading hope.

As a survivor of suicide and the loss of my son, I wanted to offer peace even for a moment in time to people who were suffering. This is how my story began. My first candle was lavender, Purple in color. I found the perfect jars, two toned purple and teal to signify the colors for awareness. I remember when I first was going through the recovery from a suicide loss. Lavender was the scent I choose because of its soothing properties. I can remember times when I would have given anything to escape the pain of loss, even if that meant lighting a candle. Then I realized I was also honoring my son by lighting the candle.

Today I am involved in bringing awareness to suicide survivors in Cherokee County through The Focus group of Cherokee County. I speak to family's who are dealing with this event. My overall goal is to help families who are dealing with the loss from suicide. Please support me in my mission to bring awareness.

Experience the power of healing through our beautifully crafted candles. A symbol of hope and comfort for those in need.

Suicide Awareness